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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signature Club A by Adrienne Wrinkle Filament FiberFill & Firm Skin Care Collection Item: 950-208 product review

For years you may have seen make-up guru Adrienne Arpel sell her make up through various cable networks. Today she is still at it, and this product review is dealing with skin firming products that also claim to fill in wrinkles. Did it work? Lets take a look at the specifics first.

What you get

    * 60-count Wrinkle Filament Clean Cotton & Hydrolyzed Silk Cleansing Towelettes - Replace your washcloth with these moisturizing and cleansing towelettes. Infused with cotton extract, silk, elastin, aloe and Vitamin E, the gentle pads add moisture and anti-aging ingredients to your skin as they remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris. Perfect for travel or at-home use.

    * .7 oz. Wrinkle Filament FiberFill & Firm  -A perfect base for makeup, this instant, temporary wrinkle repair uses cutting-edge FiberFill technology and pharmaceutical grade silicone molecules. This combination forms a temporary, invisible, breathable, net-like facial support system for sagging, crepey-looking skin. The result - smoothing-looking, less-lined, firmer-appearing skin. May be worn alone as well as under makeup.

    * .5 oz. Wrinkle Filament Cashmere Brush-on Makeup - Utilizing FiberFill technology with line-filling silicone, this makeup provides a smooth-looking, flaw-hiding finish. The built-in brush enhances the process of applying a "net" of fiber to hold together your smooth look. This membrane of color provides excellent coverage, hiding lines, flaws and wrinkles. Choose from Fair or Medium shades.

    * 2 oz. Wrinkle Filament Skin Knit Tightening & Firming Night Cream - FiberFill and Firm technology carries over into the night to help temporarily firm and tighten your skin as you sleep. This luxurious night cream is formulated with a weave of elastin, cashmere and cotton micro-fibers that form an invisible net around your skin to help trap moisture in so you wake up to youthful-looking and firm-looking skin every morning.

    * Made in USA; Wrinkle Filament Brush-on Makeup made in Italy.

What it costs
At Home Shopping Network you will find this particular kit for $37.50 with a shipping and handling charge of $6.21

What it claims to do
All of the products in this kit claim to fill in and make lines in the face much less visable by actually filling them in. One product even includes a little spatula to "spackle" the filament Fiberfill into the the wrinkles.

The .5 oz. Wrinkle Filament Cashmere Brush-on Makeup is easy to apply and a nifty little gadget for applying the foundation. It is applied by gripping the base, twisting upward and once this is done the foundation is forced through the bristles of the brush allowing you to literally "paint" on the foundation. The application works well, is cooling to the skin and works well under the eye area.  The color tested was Medium, which blended well with my complexion. Was not greasy, smelly or orange in color, however some customers claimed that it was. This reviewer finds the foundation in this kit to work very well and would recommend this particular product aside from the kit.


I really saw no real improvement with regards to wrinkles.
The FiberFill Filament product is the color of skin, so it may give the illusion of actually filling in wrinkles, however, once you apply your foundation, this product tends to get clumpy and will roll off the skin, making your skin feel flaky.

The FiberFill Make up removal cloths smell wonderful, however, they work no better than any baby wipe, and cost considerably more.

The Night Cream just didn't impress me one way or the other. Adrienne does offer other night creams that work well but this one just didn't stand out.

The Bottom Line
Each product in this kit averages out to over $10.00 a piece. Aside from the foundation, the other products are over priced, and not worth the money. It is this reviewers opinion, that this particular kit is over priced, and does not make any real impact on wrinkles.

If you are interested in this particular kit and would still like to try it, find more reviews and information here:
Signature Club A by Adrienne Wrinkle Filament FiberFill & Firm Skin Care Collection Item: 950-208

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