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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Therma Care Heat Wraps product review

Pain is a problem we all face, whether it is in your knees, your shoulders, your back, finding relief even for a few hours is paramount to our physical and mental well being.
Therma Care Heat Wraps promises to relieve pain, does it? Let's take a closer look:

How it works
Therma Care heat wraps produce a heat immediately upon opening the package. There are "heat cells" that are encapsulated into to wrap that begin generating heat quickly after being taken out of the wrapper. The heat cells are the part of ThermaCare® that provides warmth. These cells contain a mixture of ingredients (activated carbon, iron powder, sodium chloride, sodium thiosulfate, sodium polyacrylate and water) that react with air to provide low-level heat. The chemical reaction is called iron oxidation, which occurs naturally in the environment.
ThermaCare® wraps begin to activate before they’re put in the foil pouch. Once the pouch is sealed and the air inside the pouch has been used up, the wrap will stop heating. Even though they’re exposed to the air for a very short time, this doesn’t affect the performance. ThermaCare® will last 8 hours.

Cover of Cover of Back Surgery: Is It Right For You?Walmart currently offers this product at around $5.98

The pros

Therma Care delivers heat directly to the source of pain
Therma Care heat wraps continue to heat up to 12 hours (even though they only advertise 8 hours).
Therma Care  comes in a wide variety of styles depending on where your pain is located, such as: Lower back and hip wraps, neck, wrist and shoulder wraps, knee and elbow wraps, and even heat wraps to alleviate menstrual cramps.
Sturdy velcro closures that do not come undone, even after a full night of sleeping.
Price-For around six dollars you can purchase Therma Care heat wraps for your pain. There are two per package which makes this an excellent value.

The cons
I could only find one con, and that primarily has to do with sizing of this product especially for the wraps that are made for lower back pain specifically. Even though Therma Care Heat wraps are generously sized, it would be great if they made some extra large sizes. If your waist is over 46 inches and you purchase the lower back pain Therma Care Heat wrap, this product may prove to be a challenge to get on.It would be great to see this product offered in even larger sizes.

The Bottom line

I have purchased this product several times and I find that it does exactly what is says it will do. It relieves pain for 8-12 hours and can be worn throughout the day and works far better than heating pads. This product is a Winner!

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