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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coasters Bar and Grill of Santee, South Carolina review

This is conveniently located at:
9135 Old Number Six Hwy
Santee, SC 29142
(803) 854-9955
The food choices offered at this quaint restaurant are wide and varied and there is something for everyone.
The atmosphere-
Coasters Bar and Grill is a come-as-you-are environment.  Leave the fancy duds at home when coming to this place. The restaurant is set up into sections for eating,including indoor and outdoor dining. There is a bar for those just looking to unwind and socialize and large screened TV's are provided and on Sports channels for the fellows. The restaurant is decorator in an ocean hut style, lots of wood beams, and you have the feeling you are near the ocean.
The food-
You can get almost anything at this restaurant, however the platter deals are the way to go. The Surf and Turf platter includes a large salad, decent sized steak cooked to order, large stuffed baked potato that you can have piled to the gills with bacon,cheese,sour cream and butter. Fresh veggies, scallops, and shrimp as well. This is a large platter you will have no room for dessert. The food is mouth watering and delicious, and that is just one platter sample. There are many.
The prices-
Coasters Bar and Grill offers a lot of food for the money, and the prices are comparable to many seafood restaurants in the area. You are getting large portions and for an occasional outing with your family or just the two of you, the prices are worth it. Their massive Surf and Turf Platter is currently advertised at $15.95.

The Bottom Line:
For great food, larger than life proportions, and a friendly environment, Coasters Bar and Grill can not be beat and is highly recommended.

UPDATE 6/7/2012
We're not sure whether the economy played a role here but Coasters Bar and Grill was recently visited and unfortunately the food was not to the level and quality it was when this review was first written. The Surf and Turf platter was a mere remnant of what it was before. While the steak was good, the Shrimp was over cooked, and the "loaded" potato was a shadow of it's former self. Oh, and the scallops that was included with the Surf n Turf platter? Gone.
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