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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Intex metal frame above ground swimming pool product review

Intex above ground metal frame pool

With temperatures in South Carolina already nearing 100 degrees, and the economy struggling, more and more consumers look for ways to enjoy the summer at home. There are a wide variety of ways to do this, one of the most inexpensive ways is via the above ground swimming pool. There are many on the market ranging in prices from a few hundred dollars to well over two thousand. This product review will cover the Intex brand, metal frame 24'X 24' above ground swimming pool.

The pros-

1. Easy set up- This type of above ground pool is easy to set up and did not require but two people to assemble. It takes around two hours on the very outside to snap all the metal components into place. The pool can be ready for filling in a few hours.

2. No ground preparation- Other than finding a level spot in your yard, this pool can go anywhere with no real digging of any kind. A large tarp is included that you evenly spread over the spot you wish to erect the pool and after several years, no apparent weeds, etc have managed to get into the pool via the liner. Note: if most of your yard is unlevel, or has any sharp protrusions you will need to remove these as common sense would dictate.

3. Sturdy construction- The vinyl 3 ply liner is extremely thick and tough. It will resist most punctures, holds up well under normal use. The metal framework is power coated and galvanized and resists rust. The metal frame work is strong enough to withstand the force of over 12000 gallons of water.

4. Can be taken down and move with you- If you are planning to move, this pool is ideal, as it can be taken with you. Many above ground pools that have metal walls can be taken down but it is nearly impossible to do so with out damaging a good deal of the various metal components.

5. Easy to clean- Because most Intex Metal frame pools now come with a salt filter, maintaining the pool is easier than ever.

6. Many accessories are included- Filter Pump, Deluxe Salt Water System, Ladder, Ground Cloth, Cover, Deluxe Maintenance Kit, Volleyball Set and Instructional DVD.

7. Price- These pools offer all the size and durability that above ground permanent pools offer, yet the price is usually around $800-1000.00. Pools of the same size that are metal walled and permanent will run for around $2000.00 and up.

The cons-

1. The Pump- The pump that is included is typically inferior to those offered with permanent above ground pools. You may have to replace your pump yearly, or every few years under ideal conditions.

2. Not as attractive- The pool is not as attractive as many permanent metal construction above ground pools.

3. The liner can be punctured- Even though the liner is extremely durable and strong, once the pool is filled to capacity the sides can be punctured. A shovel or sharp metal object can puncture the pool. That being said, the way the liner is constructed does make repair easy, as most punctures will tear in a slit, not a hole and thus vinyl repair kits will and do work efficiently to repair the damage.

4. Inferior ladder- The ladder that is included with this pool is very small. It is only about 12 inches across and not strong enough to withstand heavy adults. Anyone over weighing over 200 lbs. will find the ladder weak, and easy to lose balance on. It is recommended that a larger heavy duty ladder is purchased separately for larger family members.

5. Lacking Longevity- This pool will not last longer than five years without repair and replacement parts.

The bottom line-
The Intex metal frame above ground pool is a great product for the price and has held up well for the past 3 years of use, that being said don't expect it to last indefinitely. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and comparatively speaking is a great alternative to the metal walled above ground permanent pools. The 24' round model referenced in this article can accommodate comfortably around 6-8 people at one time. Price, construction, and accessories make this a great way to spend a summer. If you are looking for a temporary pool until you can get the one of your dreams this one will do for about five years before major replacements will have to be considered. The metal joining parts will rust, and plastic pins will break. To get longevity from this pool it is suggested that you DO NOT allow water to stay in it throughout the winter months. Drain each season after use.
Intex Salt water filter

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