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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rachel Rays Hard Anodized Cookware product review

Rachel Rays Hard Anodized Cookware

Finding great cookware for your needs at a reasonable price is always considered a great score. Ideal even heat distribution, ease of use, and easy cleaning are high ranking for the perfect cookware quest. We all tend to go to the cooking celebrities we see on television  for their products, if we can afford them. Rachel Ray has a whole product line of cookware, utensils and bake ware.

In comes Rachel Ray's Hard Anodized Cookware. Price ranges depending on where you buy this 10 piece set. Shop around and certainly read the fine print from the reviewers.  On first inspection, this set seems ideal, weight is good, not too heavy but certainly not light and cheap. Handles are Orange and made out of silicone, easy to grip and stay cool. The bottoms of these pans are completely flat and this heats the pan up quickly and evenly.

These pans can not be washed in the dish washer. Now most people would not mind, they are easy to clean after all. However, if you ever, the mistake of putting these pans in the dishwasher, you will be shocked at the end results. The flat black coating on the outside of the pans will become chalky, faded and a portion will be washed completely off. End result, old looking pans that have a horrible look and feel. Will they still perform? Yes, but at nearly $200.00 for the set, it should be dishwasher safe. Why on earth is this otherwise good set not coated with the same type of non stick surface on the outside? We may never know.
Recommendation: For $99.99 Brylane Home offers a dishwasher safe 12 pc. hard anodized cookware set. Less money and almost a five star rating by 44 customer reviews, click this link for this  good alternative:

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