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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top product reviews

The Good

South Carolina is one of many states that is well known for their hot summers, and the economy struggling, more and more consumers look for ways to enjoy the summer at home. There are a wide variety of ways to do this, one of the most inexpensive ways is via the above ground swimming pool. There are many on the market ranging in prices from a few hundred dollars to well over two thousand. This product review will cover the Intex brand, metal frame 24'X 24' above ground swimming pool. Read the complete review here: Intex metal frame above ground swimming pool

Intex Salt water pool filter system
South Carolina often has  temperatures in the 100's. If you want your family to really enjoy their summer, there is no better place than  to be than in your own swimming pool. However, swimming pools require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. During these hot summer months it is a real chore keeping our swimming pools crystal clear and in good shape. Read the complete review here: Intex Salt water pool filter system

Wolfgang Puck's 1500 watt electric skillet product review
Southerners take their frying seriously and any old product won't do. Wolfgang Puck's 1500 watt electric skillet has some real advantages. This product is currently offered from online from the Home Shopping Network. While many electric skillets seem to have a short life, ie: coating peeling off, and the handles breaking, this skillet is heavy duty and has a few innovative clever design elements that make it possibly a good fit for your family. That being said it does have a few drawbacks you should be aware of. See the complete review here: Wolfgang Puck's 1500 watt electric skillet product review

The Bad

Bullet express 8 minute meal machine

The infomercial certainly is enticing. For avid cooks that love to make great meals and have a quick and easy way to prepare them, the Bullet Express seems to be promising. Here is a look at what you get and whether you should invest in one.
First things first, this is what you get and how much it will cost you.
The Bullet Express costs anywhere from $115.00 used on Amazon, to $199.99 new. To read more about this product see: The Bullet Express product review.

Hamilton Beach Electric Skillet Review

Electric Skillets enable cooks to cook family sized meals all at once. They are a versatile tool to have in the kitchen. For those loving one pot meals most electric  skillets are invaluable. The Hamilton Beach Model 38540 promised to deliver all that and more. Here's the scoop on this product read on: Hamilton Beach Electric Skillet review

Rachel Ray's hard anodized cookware product review

Finding great cookware for your needs at a reasonable price is always considered a great score. Ideal even heat distribution, ease of use, and easy cleaning are high ranking for the perfect cookware quest. We all tend to go to the cooking celebrities we see on television  for their products, if we can afford them. Rachel Ray has a whole product line of cookware, utensils and bake ware. To real the complete review see: Rachel Ray's hard anodized cookware product review

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