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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wolfgang Puck electric skillet product review

Wolfgang Puck at the 2010 Academy Awards
Wolfgang Puck at the 2010 Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wolfgang Puck's 1500 watt electric skillet has some real advantages. This product is currently offered from online from the Home Shopping Network. While many electric skillets seem to have a short life, ie: coating peeling off, and the handles breaking, this skillet is heavy duty and has a few innovative clever design elements that make it possibly a good fit for your family.

What you get:

 Powered base
 Extra-deep cooking vessel, see measurements below
 Roasting rack
 High-domed lid, you can easily accommodate a whole chicken under this domed lid
 Temperature-control probe with AC cord
 Use and care manual/recipe book

Product features:

 1.  Adjustable steam vent - open for browning; set to closed position when baking. 
 2. Pan-tilt lever - allows the fat and juices to drain away from the food for crisp, low-fat cooking; makes it easier to baste foods and to serve sauces or gravy
 3. Unique drip lip - for easy pouring
 4. Wire rack  - for steaming or roasting foods
 5. Detachable control probe with trigger release - removes easily for cleaning of vessel and base Measures approx. 21.5"L x 14.5"W x 11.62"H
 6. Made of steel, plastic and cast aluminum
 7. Cooking vessel and base are dishwasher safe; hand wash lid; wipe cooking probe with damp cloth only

 8.Warranty offered- Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

Price:$ 89.90 right now, if you order this product you can have the payments divided into several to make owning this really affordable. HSN currently is offering free shipping on this product as well with guaranteed Christmas delivery.
Large cooking vessel- Can accommodate a large family of 4 and more.
Easy to clean- Because the cooking vessel detaches from the base it is super easy to place into a dishwasher for cleaning.
Non stick coating- This coating is holding up beautifully after many uses and stands up to super hot dishwasher settings.
Adjustable steam vent- This  allows you to control more precisely how much steam to keep in or let out while cooking with the lid on.
Even heating- This pan has not "cold spots" or uneven heat distribution. If you place six burgers in the pan, all six brown at basically the same time, no matter how they are arranged.
Super deep- This pan can easily hold a roast, whole chicken or large ham. It has a super high domed lid and this makes it a great kitchen tool.
Base is dishwasher safe- This is a great improvement and not always seen in other models of similar design that do not recommend placing the base in the dishwasher.

Price- $89.90. This electric skillet is higher than most of it's competition, however it is of superior quality overall.
Maybe too large- If your family is less than four you may find this pan is too big.
Dome not for dishwasher-It is not recommended that you place the domed lid in the dishwasher, although the product did not show any damage from the dishwasher at the time of this review, after several washes in dishwasher.
Pan wobbles- Removable vessel can not sit flat. If you take the pan out of its base it will not sit flush on your stove top or counter top, not that you should put it on your counter top hot.
The plastic trigger releases- This pan comes with two release mechanisms that allow you to remove the corded plug  that inserts into the base, and another trigger that detaches the pan itself from the heating element base. The plastic trigger on the insert able corded plug juts out and seems vulnerable to breaking at some point. I don't think this was a necessary feature at all. The trigger that detaches the pan from the base is also plastic looking and just seems unnecessary. The pan typically is not removed during cooking, and could have just simply been lifted out when time to wash without this particular clumsy feature.

The bottom line:
Wolfgang Puck's 1500 watt electric skillet is large, heavy duty, and holds up to a lot of use and the dishwasher. It is therefore highly recommended by the reviewer at this time, however updates will be posted as the product continues to be tested.
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