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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keurig Elite Single Serve Coffeemaker Product review

South Carolinians have long been known for their special affection for sweet tea, also known as Iced tea. This product review is for a coffee maker that not only brews coffee but tea too and it claims to do so in under a minute.  How well did it live up to its claims? Read on..

Item #: 301986  |  Model #: B40

What it is:

Elite Single Serve Coffeemaker

What you get in the box:
* Keurig Elite Single Serve Coffeemaker
* 18 k cup variety pack

Special features:

* Automatic. Auto-Off Feature
* Always ready. Brews in under 1 minute
* Includes 18 K-Cup Variety Pack
* Choice of 2 cup sizes

What it cost:
Retails for $100.00-$120.00 depending on where you purchase

What it does:
The Keurig Elite Single Serve Coffeemaker, does as it suggests in its name, it serves fresh ground coffee on demand, one serving at a time.

How does it work?
Turn on coffeemaker
Fill the water reservoir
place special "k" cup of coffee in the dispenser
place coffee cup underneath the dispenser
Pull down level to engage brewing
press button for 8 ounce cup or 10 ounce cup
In seconds you have a cup of hot fresh brewed coffee

The coffeemaker is a little expensive between $100.00 to
To brew your own coffee requires purchasing an additional item, otherwise you have to buy "k" cups
It can only brew one cup at a time

Fast brewing
Coffee any time of day in seconds
Wide variety of flavors to choose from
Easy to use
Easy to fill
The ability to purchase the "My K Cup" accessory that allows you to use your own brand of coffee
Offers "k" cups in hot teas, flavored teas and iced teas and coffee, hot cocoa, and apple cider from well known popular brands.

The Bottom line:

This product is pricey, but the convenience it offers coupled with the wide range of hot beverages one can purchase makes this a must have for anyone that loves hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. It offers great versatility, and its simple design and ease of use make this coffee maker well worth the price. Because you only make as much as you want and no more wasted pots of coffee are a thing of the past. It is the opinion of the testers, that this product does what it says it will do and a lot more. Two thumbs up and recommended.
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