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Friday, February 18, 2011

Command Performance Family Style 16 piece cookware set product review

Command Performance Family Style 16 piece cookware set

If you live in South Carolina and are looking for some great options on cookware in your local area, please consider visiting the South Carolina Cookware Directory. Yes there is one! If you would like to try the set in this review, please check the link that is offered at the end of this review. This cookware set has been used for approximately 5 months. As all cookware sets, the features are pretty much the same as any. How does it stack up to others? Read on to get all the specifics.

What You Get:

    * 1qt casserole pan with lid
    * 2qt casserole pan with lid
    * Straight-sided double boiler insert for 2qt casserole pan
    * 3qt chef pan with lid
    * 6qt stockpot with lid
    * 2qt slope-sided French casserole pan with lid
    * 14" x 10" cake pan with slide-on lid
    * 3.3qt stainless mixing bowl with non-slip base
    * Whisk
    * Turner
    * Use and care manual
    * Manufacturer's 25-year limited warranty

Command Performance Family Style 16-piece Cookware Set Features:

Pans made of 18/10 stainless steel
Thick tri-ply base
4.5mm of aluminum encapsulated and impact bonded between stainless steel
Provides even-heating throughout the base of the pan with no hot spots or scorching
Mirror-finish interior and exterior
European belly design
Buffet handles
Tempered glass lids
Double-silicone-insulated lid knobs
Cake pan with slide-on lid
Mixing bowl and whisk

The price

This set is  currently offered from HSN, also known as Home Shopping Network for a price of $149.90.

The Good

1. Style
This set comes in three different finishes, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Although the set is stainless steel the handles come in the three finishes listed to coordinate with any styles or finishes you may already have in your other cookware or in your kitchen.

2. Good weight
Unlike some cheaper brands that are similar in design and look, these pots have a nice weight to them which is usually always a sign of some quality.

3. Accessories
The Command Performance Set has additional pots that can be purchased that match the set. You can build on this set as time goes by.

4. Price
The price of this set is reasonable, especially if you factor in that if you have an account with HSN you can stretch your payments out over a series of months making it truly affordable for almost anyone.

The Bad
This set truly has few negatives. It is a challenge to think of more than one or two, but alas I did find a few minute flaws. That being said, these flaws I felt were not worth forsaking the purchase of the set, nor were they such that I felt compelled to return them.

1. Drippy pans
This is minor, but a little annoying, the pans when placed in the dishwasher, do collect some water that gets trapped under the pot edges. When you remove the pots from the dishwasher, be prepared to have some water dripping.

2. Accessories
Some of the accessories aren't worth including, the double boiler is tiny and would only work if you are making a small amount of lets say Chocolate sauce. Just sayin'. The spatula is a little on the flimsy side, and the Lasagna pan is a little on the light weight side.

3. Requires a little extra care
Be careful not to use any abrasive cleaners on these pots or you will remove and scratch the mirror like finish. The manufacturer even goes so far as to say not to use any cleaners that have any citrus additives to help prevent any staining. Do not cook on high with this set. After five months of use, my set does have a few stains in the bottom of the pans from cooking on high heat. They still look nice and the bell shape is quite cute.

4. No non stick coating
This set has a mirror finish inside and out, and cleans beautifully in your dishwasher, however, it does not have a non stick coating on the inside. That being said, I have had no problems with food sticking, especially if you avoid cooking on high which is suggested by the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

It is the opinion of this tester/reviewer that the 16 piece Command Performance cookware set (Item: 961-496) is a nice set of cookware, worthy of its price and it should offer years of use in any family setting. It has additional pieces that may be purchased, comes in a few different handle finishes, has very even heating, and a good weight.

It had very few drawbacks, and a good buy overall for the money. It is a recommended purchase for any family chef. Ideal for a gift, a large family, or as a replacement set. You can't go wrong, especially with the additional financing options that are offered. Two thumbs up for Command Performance!
Here is the link if you would like to see more product reviews:
Home Shopping Network Command Performance 16 piece set

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