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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ryans Family Steak House Orangeburg SC review

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We all like a good value for our money, and going to buffet style restaurants certainly fill the bill for most consumers. However, some either rise above expectations, or fall short of them. Ryans Family Steak House located at 2580 Orangeburg SC 29118 was recently visited to see where it falls.
Author's note: The picture used in this article is not representative of the restaurant reviewed in this article.

This review will be in the following sections:
Food Quality

For a family of four ordering from the All You Can Eat buffet, the price is around $48.00, which does not include a tip.

This restaurant had a sour smell of old bleach and dishwater and most of the tables in our section were covered in  dishes and leftover food from former patrons. Most remained this way during our meal.

The waitresses are not very friendly and some were extremely loud. Our waitress was neither friendly or helpful and we had to go find our own silverware and dishes. Seating is horrendous and even though there were empty areas of the restaurant, they were not utilized for the overflow of customers.

Food Quality:

The food served at the restaurant in Orangeburg, SC was mediocre at best. Many trays were empty, picked through and although there was staff in and around the buffet area, many were in the way of the patrons and the main meat trays were not replenished in a timely fashion. Vegetables were limited, Broccoli is often undercooked. The buffet area is extremely congested with patrons that did not seem to know how to move between the buffet servers without bumping into one another.
This restaurant was loud, congested, and staff was so loud that you could not carry on your own conversation at your table because of it. Large crowds of people constantly walk by often bumping into anyone sitting on an "aisle seat". The surrounding areas were not clean, and although as mentioned before the staff was overflowing to the point they were bumping into patrons, yet most of the dining areas were filthy. This is one of many trips to this particular restaurant and was typical in the experience.
Bottom Line:
PhotobucketIf you must go out to eat, it is the opinion of this reviewer that you choose an alternative restaurant. Patrons visiting at different hours may have a better experience, however the hours between 4 to 6 pm. seem to be quite undesirable under the circumstances.
This review is specifically for Ryans Family Steak House located at 2580 North Rd. Orangeburg, SC 29118.

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