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Friday, March 4, 2011

Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish vs. Pledge Furniture Polish product review

Which did the better job?
After installing granite counter tops the next question is how to take care of them and keep that high gloss finish that you have paid for. Most granite installers will tell you there are certain substances that you should not apply to granite, such as any cleaners that contain Ammonia. Glass cleaners typically have this so it is not recommended for your granite.
The shine on all granite will seem dull if you only rely on water and mild detergent to clean them. There are a number of products on the market that will restore,clean and add the gloss back, but are they worth the money, and do they work better than regular furniture polish? The product review will help you make that decision. This review will compare the Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish to Pledge clean and Shine furniture Polish.

Weiman product background
In 1941, the Weiman family pioneered a new revolution of ‘clean’ by giving its customers a complementary bottle of special polish to preserve and protect fine wood furniture. First to the market and innovative at the time, Weiman wood polish was formulated to perfection and contained a distinctive blend of the finest emulsions, natural oils and nourishing wood cleaners and conditioners.
Weiman line of products can be purchases all over the united States including but not limited to: Target, Walmart, Kroger, True Value, Kmart, The Home Depot,Publix, and Ace Hardware. Weiman offers a toll free number if you can not find their products in any of your local retail stores. (888) 281-6400. The Weiman website offers tips and information, see Weiman.com.
Weiman Products, makers of leading specialty home care products, is proud to announce its newly-formed partnership with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC).  See: Weiman's Media Room. In addition to a generous monetary donation, Weiman is implementing a multi-channel campaign that supports NOCC’s mission to raise awareness and promote education about the risk factors, symptoms and facts of ovarian cancer.

The price: 
 One 12 fl.oz typically costs just under $5.00.
The results of application to granite counter tops:
After applying this product on a granite surface, reviewer found that it did improve the luster and cleaned the surface sufficiently. The product must be buffed well in order to remove residual streaking.

Pledge Product background
Pledge furniture polish is but one of many products offered by the well known SC Johnson company. The SC Johnson company was founded by Samuel Curtis Johnson.
Samuel Curtis Johnson set out to earn a living with the railroads. He took a job helping develop a new railway, so confident in its potential that he invested half his salary. And the business went bankrupt, taking his savings with it.

Soon after, Samuel became a partner in a book and stationery store. Within a few years he had built up the capital to buy out his partner. But despite Samuel’s reputation for honesty and integrity, this business, too, failed.
Starting Over at Age 49
In 1882, nearly 50 years old, Samuel moved to Racine, Wisconsin with his family, and started over again.  This time he became a parquet flooring salesman for the Racine Hardware Company. It won’t surprise you to hear that after only four years, he bought out the business. But this time, Samuel’s investment succeeded beyond measure. His company grew into our company, and it bears his name today.

With just four employees, Samuel worked diligently as salesman, bookkeeper and business manager. Five days a week, he toured the countryside selling flooring to contractors for fine homes, churches, hotels and public buildings. The first year, his company showed a net profit of $268.27.

Bounty from the Bathtub
Sales multiplied – and so did letters from customers who wanted help caring for their new floors. So Samuel did what any entrepreneur would do: He rolled up his sleeves and started mixing up batches of floor wax in his bathtub. Soon, every Johnson parquet floor came with a can of Johnson’s Prepared Paste Wax. Even people without Johnson floors were knocking on his door, hoping to buy the product. And by 1898, sales of Johnson floor wax, finishes and wood fillers exceeded those of flooring. SC Johnson Company is involved in several causes as well including Dengue Prevention Efforts, which provides education programs to children in the Indonesian region. To see what charities SC Johnson is involved with see: SC Johnson Commitment.

The Price:

One 12.5 fl. oz. of Pledge furniture polish retails for under $4.00 at most department stores.
The results when applied to Granite:
Pledge  furniture polish was applied to granite surface and  product was found to add shine and luster superior to Weiman. Overall there was less buffing, and less streaking, making it an ideal choice over the Weiman product. Pledge does leave a scent behind so for those allergic or sensitive to strong smells Weiman would be a good choice as there was no smell detected by reviewer.

The Bottom line
Both products did add luster and shine to the granite they were applied to. However, because Pledge can be used throughout the home, and has a slightly better price, it is this reviewers opinion that Pledge is the better buy, and actually did offer a better shine and luster to the granite used in tests.

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  1. Pledge is great stuff and has been around almost 50 years, I'm not surprised it outdid the granite cleaner. Excellent write-up!

    1. Thanks for sharing your info. I enjoyed reading your article. Have a great day.
      Cotton Bags

    2. I not only used pledge on my granite but also on my leather sofa and love seat with great results. I will probably never purchase Weiman leather wipes or granite polish ever again. Next onto the stainless appliances in the kitchen.


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