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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Business review for Myers & Son Electrical Services of Orangeburg, South Carolina

Downtown Orangeburg, South Carolina, USAImage via WikipediaProduct Dudz gives the Business of Myers & Son Electrical Services a big two thumbs up for their timely service, extremely fair prices on work performed.
Andrew Myers is the owner and operator of Myers and Son Electrical Services and received this favorable rating due to these factors:
Problem originally contacted for:
Replacement of 200 amp meter
Did Service arrive in a timely manner?
Yes, within an hour of call
Was Andrew Myers courteous and polite?
Extremely so, and very helpful. He took the time to answer my questions.
Was Myers and Son Electrical Service's prices reasonable?
Yes , very reasonable for the type and amount of work performed. Including a business card with the receipt and made sure that we contact him if we have any problems with anything.
Would you hire Myers and Son Electrical Service again?
Yes, without a doubt.
Would you recommend Myers and Son Electrical Services to friends and family?
Yes, I would.
Product Dudz, after careful consideration of the business Myers and Son Electrical Services, gives this business a two thumbs up and highly recommends those living in the Orangeburg, SC area(s) to call on
Myers and Son Electrical Services
for all your electrical needs at
(803) 536-0890 or (803) 707-5473
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