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Saturday, August 27, 2011

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF30 Product Review

Español: Pomo de almohadillas húmedas para sua...Español: Pomo de almohadillas húmedas para suave peeling facial AVON. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We at PRODUCT DUDZ reviewed this product and found it works very well, two thumbs up! One negative is it is extremely high priced for a sunblock, selling for over $30.00 If price is a consideration, try less expensive brands of sunblock. Many that are for use on children are the best overall for protecting your skin and safety.

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  1. The sunscreen product prevents us from UV rays. These UV rays are harmful for our body and skin. So, I think we all should use this sunscreen product which saves us from Ultra violet rays.

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