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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Intex metal frame above ground swimming pool product review: Update

Product Dudz likes to update product reviews given to see if the product still lives up to its review, in the case of Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool, an update was needed. If you are looking for a long term swimming pool please take note of the following photographs, the pool in the photographs is 5 years old and was filtered with a salt filter during the summer months.

This is an Intex Metal above ground pool, it is 24' by 52 ". Product Dudz does not know if the latest pools in the Intex above ground pool line have these same issues but our job is to forewarn you of what you may be able to expect if you do not drain this pool and store it away every year. Many older homeowners, or those without storage means may encounter these problems after 5 years or so. Depending on where you live, you may experience rust problems sooner.

Intex 24' X 52" metal frame above ground pool

This is the pool after 5 years:

Intex 24' X 52" metal frame above ground pool at five years old
Intex metal frame above ground pool 5 years old

After five years of use, you may encounter these types of rust issues which have resulted in a complete breakdown in the pole supports on this pool. While these parts can be replaced, the process in replacing each of these pieces are tenuous and pricey:

Intex 24' X 52" metal frame above ground pool joints
This post has completely come away from the pool the homeowner should have drained the pool over winter to help keep this from happening. However, if you have no way to store these pool parts, or are unable to take the pool apart every year this is what will result from natural exposure to the elements.
Intex 24' X 52" metal frame above ground pool rust damage
These t-joints have completely eroded away due to continuous exposure to the outside

Intex 24' X 52" metal frame above ground pool rust at seams
The poles are also beginning to show damage from rust

Product Dudz suggests those wishing to buy this pool or one similar to it, be able to store the pool every year after use to lessen these effects. If you do not have adequate storage or are physically unable to disassemble this product you may want to consider a different type of pool to purchase. 

*Interested in buying a salt water filter system for your new pool? See our product review on Intex Saltwater Filter System Product Review.

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