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Monday, September 10, 2012

Flexitol Heel Balm Product review

Flexitol Heel Balm

Have you ever had feet so rough you thought you could sand wood with them? Does your foot snag hose, scrap and scratch your partner in bed? Are your heels dry, hard, calloused, cracked and painful? Well Flexitol Heel Balm claims it can help, and claims you'll see noticeable improvement in 3 days. Yep, it says it right on the tube! So does it work ? Well lets find out.
First things first,

The Flexitol brand
The Flexitol brand is the result of in depth product development. Each product that carries the Flexitol name has been specifically developed to deliver utmost efficacy through an innovative and exhaustive research process. Lacorium Health, the creator of the Flexitol brand is renowned for its innovative approach and global knowledge with over 20 years of experience. Manufacturing of Flexitol products takes place in state of the art facilities with particular emphasis on extremely high levels of quality. All ingredients used are of pharmaceutical grade quality wherever possible and rigorous testing of raw materials and finished products are ongoing.

Key ingredients :

1. Urea- Which promotes hydration by increasing skin's water binding capacity and decrease water loss from skin's surface. It also helps to dissolve rough and dry skin through keratolytic action.  
What is Urea?
Urea (u-re'ah) the chief nitrogenous end product of protein metabolism, formed in the liver from amino acids and from ammonia compounds; found in urine, blood, and lymph.
Now, before you get all panicked thinking you're rubbing body fluid by products on your feet, let me  just say urea found in lotions and topical applications are synthetically produced and are not animal related, from the four legged or two legged variety.

2. Centipeda Cunninghamii is a unique Australian herb clinically proven to have skin nourishing properties that aids in the softening of hard thickened skin.

3. Skin Emollients such as a Lanolin, Petrolatum, Sodium PCA, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera contain skin nourishing properties that restore and maintain the hydration of the skin.

Reader Q&A
Where can I buy Flexitol Heel Balm and how much does it cost?
 Flexitol is readily available at many department stores, drug and pharmaceutical stores throughout the United States. The 2.66 ounce tube we tested came from Amazon.com link you can find at the bottom of this post. The price varies from $4.98 and up depending on what quantity of product you want.
Does it have a smell? 
There is a slight smell to the product, it is mildly medicinal but fresh. Testing of this product indicated no strong order of any kind once dry.

Is it safe for Diabetics? 
Yes. According to the label directly on the tube, it is suitable for general and diabetic foot care.

Is the product greasy feeling?
No, this product is absorbed rather quickly, and our observations found it  leaves no greasy residue.

Does it work in 3 days?
Ok, this is the thing, this product is great for your feet. If you are looking for something that will definitely soothe and smooth dry feet this product works well. That being said, if you are looking for a miracle, that is, something that will make your thick calluses disappear, well, you'll no doubt find this product doesn't quite do that. It is not a callus remover, it's primary function is to soften and lessen the roughness of your feet. If you want chief optimal results, we suggest a good heel scraper that is safe to use like the one that is offered below by Amazon. If used together regularly you will see significant improvement. If you don't, you may want to consider using a  thick skin callus remover first with a regular follow up of the Flexitol Heel Balm to maintain your soft feet. This product is great for using on feet to extend the benefits of a pedicure as well.
***The Bottom Line***

Product Dudz reviewers liked this product! It softens heels and with regular use provides moisture and relief to dry feet. We think it's a winner and highly recommend if you take into consideration the above listed limitations of this product.

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