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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alli Weight Loss Aid Product Review

Medication used for obesity. Orlistat and sibu...Image via WikipediaAlli is a weigh tloss pill with the generic name of Orlistat. It's claims is that when taken as directed, with high fat meals that the user will in fact lose weight. Other forms of this pill are under the names Xenical and Meridia which your doctor may prescribe. However, since Orlistat is now available without prescription there is little sense in going to the doctor for a prescription. It is recommended that you talk with your doctor before taking this weight loss pill. Why? Well there are a few side effects that was experienced by the testers from Product Dudz.

They are as follows:
Severe stomach cramping after taking recommended dosage with a high fat meal
Excessive flatulence that produced oily discharge that leaves a stain (if you are in public and pass gas, you could very well find yourself with a large stain on the seat of your pants)
Diarrhea-like symptoms that will come on suddenly and can cause uncontrollable rectal leakage

Price: Amazon lists this product at $35.99 for 60ct bottle
(which translates to about a month worth typically)

Does it work?
Well, after trying this product for several months, no noticeable weightloss was experienced. If you work in public this product is not for you. Taking this during your afternoon lunch hour could mean going home for the rest of the day.
The Bottom Line (literally)
If you notice the reviews on Amazon you will no doubt feel motivated to buy this product and give it a go. However the testers at Product Dudz caution you to realize that the people (reviewers on Amazon) that had the greatest success with this product improved their lifestyle with diet and exercise. Those experiencing little change did not do anything different with diet or excercise.  Product Dudz is thereby inclined to believe that anyone will experience weight loss by diet and exercise alone with out the use of Alli or Orlistat. Product Dudz feels people may be giving credit falsely to Alli where their own efforts were the genuine cause for their success.
Product Dudz also cautions you to further investigate the link at the bottom of this post about information posted on the Alli website with regards to health and safety.
This product causes very unsavory, inconvenient side effects from oily stain producing gas and stools to severe stomach cramps, and abrupt diarrhea like symptoms. You must speak to your doctor about this diet pill because some people on certain medications and with certain conditions should not take Orlistat in any form.
Gas, Oily stains, Diarrhea, Cramps, =DUD, Product Dudz gives this product a thumbs down. It simply isn't worth all of the unpleasant side effects.

Read this link on Alli:
Press release label update

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