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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Truvia vs. Stevia In The Raw Extract which tastes better

Truvia vs. Stevia



$3.34 per 40 ct.
box of packets

Stevia In The Raw
$2.82 per 50 ct.
box of packets

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Which tastes better?

While Stevia In The Raw was the clear winner with regards to price, extensive testing on both products for taste suggest that Truvia is the clear winner. Both have some after taste, but Stevia In The Raw left a lingering bitter taste on the pallet, and when added to coffee did not sweeten the coffee very much  but add a different layer of bitterness and flavor to the coffee itself, that being said you can "get used to it" in the effort to steer away from other man made sweeteners. Stevia In The Raw was also used to sweeten Iced Tea with same less than ideal  results. This product seems to work better when used in beverages by the glass, not in large quantity like pitchers of tea or lemonade. It does taste rather acceptable when used for individual glasses of lemonade. The sourness of the lemonade does seem to disguise some of the unpleasant aftertaste.
Truvia used in coffee was sweeter, however it seems to take a little more to make it sweet enough to bother with. Clearly, the substances isomaltulose and erythritol make a difference in products like Truvia and PureVia and how they taste. Neither Stevia In The Raw nor Truvia rise to the description of a "great" sweetener, Truvia simply was more palatable.

As with all products, Product Dudz suggests you do your own evaluation and feel free to add your 
opinion to our comments. After all, it's the voice of many that truly effect change and the voice of many that we are inclined to trust.  For a great healthy beverage, see this recipe using Stevia sweetener: Healthy homemade lemonade.

**Testing will continue until Product Dudz can find a natural sweetener that gets the best results.

***Readers, if you found any of these reviews helpful, please see the buttons below this post and locate the + 1 and give us a 1 up.  It helps us in determining how well we are doing.  Thanks!

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  1. I bough Stevia In The Raw, and maid my favorite peach cobbler. Boy was that a mistake.
    I made the cobbler with Ideal sweetener, and it was good. No one noticed it had an artificial sweetener in it. With Stevia most of cobbler was throne out. A waste of about $14.00, with Stevia being the biggest waste. If you do not like the bad after taste save your money buy Ideal.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation on Ideal Sweetener. Ideal sweetener's primary ingredient is Xylitol is a naturally occuring sugar alcohol and an extract from the Birch tree. We will be happy to try out this sweetener and do a thorough write up on Product Dudz in the following months. Until then, please note that Xylitol and products containing Xylitol are extremely toxic to pets, even in small amounts.

    2. In addition to the above reply, research indicates that the sweetener "Ideal" also contains the following ingredients: Xylitol, Dextrose with Maltodextrin, and Sucralose for added sweetness. Dextrose is a form of glucose and Maltodextrin is derived from rice,corn or potato starch. It is considered a "carb" but a better alternative than pure sugar. We will do a full review and write up on Ideal in the very near future.


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