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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wen hair care product review

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - DECEMBER 16:  Chaz Dean, ...UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - DECEMBER 16: Chaz Dean, hairstylist arrives at the The Gibson Amphitheatre At Universal City Walk where she performed in aid of The Trevor Project on December 16, 2010 in Universal City, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Wen hair care products is a line of hair conditioning cleansers promoted on television via infomercial by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist. This product review covers what you get in your Wen Hair Care System kit, how much it costs, pros, cons and the bottom line.

What do you get?
Wen Cleansing Conditioner
Wen Styling Creme
Wen Re-Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask
Wen Texture Balm (Bonus item)
Wen Wide Tooth Shower Comb (Bonus item)

How much does the kit cost?
Your 30 day Introductory kit with the two free bonus items costs $29.95 plus shipping and handling

What does it claim to do?
The claims are that after one use of the Wen Cleansing conditioner your hair will transform. What makes the Wen hair care product line unique is that it cleanses the hair without lathering, but massaged into the scalp, left on for the rest of the users shower and then gently rinsed away revealing healthier, shinier more manageable hair.

Wen offers a 60 day money back (less shipping and handling) guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase even if the containers are empty.
Wen has a fresh Almond mint smell and does cleanse the hair without lathering

Although Wen offers a money back guarantee, you must make sure to keep the shipping container it came in. If it is not in the original package it will not be accepted.
Wen requires that the customer call their customer service prior to returning to have a return authorization number. Returns must be post marked with 7 days of the return authorization number. If it is later it will not be accepted. The return authorization number must be legible and clearly written, if it isn't it will be refused.

Wen does not last the full month if used according to the instructions included with the packaging. The packaging calls for between 12-15 pumps of the cleansing product per use. As stated on the Wen website, the more you use, and the longer you use it, the better the results. Wen Cleansing Conditioner lasted less than two weeks washing hair every two days.

Wen automatically sets up repeat shipments at the time of purchase, even though this is not mentioned clearly in the television infomercial. People wishing to try Wen may be shocked to learn their credit card used to purchase the introductory kit will be charged again in one month.
For those seeking further information on this see: Wen Hair Care Complaint Board before you decide on purchasing this product.

Bottom line:
After using for two weeks, it was observed that Wen does not work any better at conditioning the hair than traditional methods when using shampoo and a good quality conditioner. Results were not impressive enough to justify the introductory kit cost. Coupled with the fact the product did not last the entire month, and did not yield any noticeable difference in hair shine, manageability or condition, it is the opinion of the reviewer of this product that Wen is simply not worth the price or the hassle of returning the product. It is therefore not recommended by the reviewer/tester of the product.

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